The CoolCount system for inventory management

CoolCount is unique sensor-based SKU (Stock-keeping unit) monitoring system that enables sales and stock-reps to remotely manage levels of stock such as cold drinks, sold in vending machines or refrigerators. The system counts the items remaining in the cooler, and updated stock levels are transmitted through the Internet over wireless 3G connection to central computer, providing an efficient and accurate real time stock monitoring, sales analytics and replenishment tool. It provides real-time information on product availability on shelves, in industrial beverage coolers or shelves at the stores and notifies personnel in charge before any out-of-stock situation occurs. Simple instalation can turn any fridge or cooler into a Smart Fridge.

The system provides the person in charge or the manager with instructions directly to the exact shelf and bottle position at the point of sale where there is no inventory, thus enabling him to go directly to the relevant location, thus saving him time for unnecessary checking and manual control. The stock replenishment is done quickly and efficiently, thus preventing situations of out of stock or missing products and sales can reach their peak, along with the satisfaction of the customers. More than that, you can instantly have real time statistics and analitics regarding the sales of your products.

The system includes sensors placed on refrigerator shelves or hot shelves;  a computer collects information from the sensors regarding the inventory, which transmit the data in the wireless network to the computer and to the server via a 3G or Wi-Fi network. This information may help you prepare for the future and analyze the information regarding the inventory in various forms. You may use the same device for purposes of digital signage at the same time by connecting it to any screen and start enjoying the multimedia system for digital advertising .

All the benefits in one system:
  • The system monitors the quantities of goods and out of stock situation in refrigerators and on "hot" shelves
  • Incoming messages notifying any out-of-stock situation using a mobile application, text message or E-mail
  • full compatibility with existing CRM systems
  • You may receive reports and data analyses, according to you needs and refer to the data depending on the location of the point of sale, the brand name, the product category and more
  • You may stay updated whether a sales promotion is working effectively
  • The system allows you to automatically adjust the content of advertising in the digital signage system to the existing inventory at the point of sale
  • Quick and easy installation that can be performed during the manufacture of the refrigerator or at the very point of sale
  • Fully adjustable to your needs – temperature sensors, door opening sensor, movement sensors and more may be added.

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