Tel Aviv, Israel, July 17, 2013 – Irus, the company that develops digital solutions for advertising worldwide, is introducing a new patent pending advertising medium to the international marketplace. DiGlass, a double-glazed window with transparent screen built to replace regular glass windows installed in the doors of commercial beverage refrigerators. The transparent window display for refrigerators together with new and advanced advertising products by Irus - is both a multi-touch kiosk and a network advertising video system with user-friendly software for integration with mobile devices and remote content management. The products was demonstrated along with the newest models of LG's product line of displays at the LG booth at the 2013 Marketing, Advertising, Digital and Communication Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel on July 17 at the David Intercontinental Hotel.
The transparent screen in the beverage refrigerator’s door allows viewing bottles of Coca Cola, beer or wine in the fridge while an advertisement, product information video or images appear on the screen and create a unique 3D viewer experience.
The Irus DiGlass window display is manufactured to the exact dimensions of the front glass window of the refrigerator. The only action needed to replace it is to take out the regular double glass window and to insert the new one with the transparent screen and special lighting module, which are installed between two tempered glass panels.

“We believe that our new technology is going to help customers to bust sales even in the toughest markets. Besides unique transparent visual experience, we also offer advanced interactive functions – interactive multi -touch screen, motion content activation, video camera integration, remote content management via 3G and more,” says Irus’s project manager Zeev Kurlianchick.
“Our unique lighting system allows seeing perfectly what is inside the refrigerator together with the video on the screen, even when the fridge is full with dark bottles,”

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